Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Holidays

Rick Cherri and Dylan came for Thanksgiving and we had a very fun time with Sonya, Robert and their family and Jim and we ate lots of good food!! The next day Cherri and I went shopping and it was the only day I really got to go Christmas shopping. Dylan shot his first deer right threw the heart and I don`t know who was more excited him or Rick and Cherri. It was exciting for Grampa too for he was with him and maverick and had told Dylan shoot him right in the heart and explained to him where to shoot to accomplish this. Wayne said that boy did just what I told him to{:> It is exciting for us also that the memory of his first hunt and kill will be right here on Rinersridge!!!
A week before Christmas we got hit with a snow storm that knocked out our power for four days!! not a fun thing when you are trying to get ready for Christmas, but we had lots of blessings!! lots of trees fell over all over our property but none on the house and we were warm and fine and two days before Christmas the power came on and we were able to have Christmas Eve here which is very much a tradition for us and we had a wonderful time. Christmas Day we were able to get to Sonya`s and Jim`s family so we could watch them open what Santa brought them. I know they weren`t that good for they sure got alot and of course it is sooo fun to watch the little boys get so excited about all the toys they got!! but with that said I think Davey was the most surprised as Rachel brought his present out to him [a big screen TV} glad he didn`t have false teeth he would have lost them{:> Christmas is always so fun not because of the gifts but because of all the love we share as a family and it doesn`t matter if we are in west Tn or Washington State or right here in east Tn our hearts are all melted together with that RINER love we all have one for another!!!

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